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01/08/2014: 01/08/2014: Happy 2014! We hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season and that this New Year is starting on a happy and healthy track.

We had a wonderful Christmas in WV with all of our family. We had snow on Christmas and it was beautiful and cold just like a WV Christmas should be. Logan loved being ‘home’, seeing all the family there and playing with his cousins. He is generally a wild man in WV and getting two tomahawks and a new target took that to a new level. He was feeling great and was thrilled to have the energy to practice throwing his new tomahawks. He also spent time 4 wheeler riding and chasing with his grandfather’s herd of dawgs. It was great vacation and he wasn’t ready for it to end.

This picture was taken on Christmas Eve while Logan sat on Santa’s lap making one last request. Logan has an ace in the hole with this Santa, played by his daddy.

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